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Diallinas-Amalric syndrome

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A syndrome of partial deafness (50-60 %); minor troubles of vision with normal visual fields, dark vision, and color vision. Acquired type present from birth; inherited type, onset at 5 years. Both sexes affected. Etiology unknown. Familial disease with unclear heredity; probably an autosomal recessive trait.


  • N. P. Diallinas:
    Les altérations oculaires chez les sourds-muets.
    Journal de genetique humaine, Geneva, 1959, 8: 225-262.
  • P. M. Amalric:
    Nouveau type de degénérescence tapetoretinienne au cours de la sourdimutié.
    Bull Soc Med Paris, 1960, 73: 196-212.
    [A new type of tapetoretinal degeneration in the course of deaf-mutism]

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