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Dejerine-Klumpke's paralysis

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A syndrome with lesion of the lower arm plexus consisting of pain and paralysis and atrophy of the small muscles of the hand and forearm - area supplied by the ulnar nerve and the inner head of the median nerve. It is caused by injuries (including birth injuries, in particular on breech delivery) of the lower primary trunk and affects particularly the nerves derived from the eight cervical and first thoracic roots. Paralysis of the cervical sympathetic nerves with Horner’s oculopupillary syndrome may be associated.


  • Achille-Cléophane Flaubert (1784-1846):
    Mémoire sur plusieurs cas de luxation, dans lesquels les efforts pour la réduction ont été suivis d’accidens graves.
    Répertoire général d’anatomie et de physiologie pathologiques, Paris, 1827.
  • A. Dejerine-Klumpke:
    Contribution à l’étude des paralysies radiculaires du plexus brachial. Paralysies radiculaires totales. Paralysies radiculaires inférieures. De la participation des filets sympathiques oculo-pupillaires dans ces paralysies.
    Revue de médecine 1885, 5: 591-616, 739-90.
    For this work Augusta Marie Klumpke won the Godard prize of the medical academy in 1886. It was based on 18 case descriptions, mostly taken from the literature, the oldest being from 1827 by Achille Flaubert with post-mortem examination.
  • Paralysie radiculaire totale du plexus brachial avec phénomènes oculo-pupillaires autopsiée trente six-jours aprèe l'accident.
    Revue neurologique, Paris, 1908, 16: 637-45.

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