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Veres needle

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A specially designed spring-loaded needle developed by Veress for draining ascites and evacuating fluid and air from the chest. Veress used it more than 2000 times to induce therapeutic pneumothorax in the treatment of patients suffering from tuberculosis.

Today it is a familiar instrument to gynaecologists who use it in laparoscopy, a use Veres himself never suggested for this needle. Frequency of injuries and complications during laparoscopic surgical procedures caused by this needle are extremely low provided it is used in the proper way.

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  • J. Veress:
    Neues Instrument zur Ausführung von Brust- oder Bauchpunktionen und Pneumathoraxbehandlung.
    Aus der Inneren Abteilung des Komitatsspitals in Kapuvár (Ungarn).
    Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift, October 7, 1938, 64: 1480–1481.

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