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Gardner-Diamond purpura

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A syndrome of uncertain origin seen almost entirely in women, characterized by spontaneous, chronic recurring painful ecchymoses on the body. Clinical features are tingling, itching, pain and tenderness in the extremities, and painful nodules, which are red at first and later, haemorrhage. The patients bruise easily. Writers disagree as to whether this disturbance is an autoimmune disorder. According to some, it is caused by autosensitivity to a component of the erythrocyte membrane, others consider it to be of psychosomatic or factitious origin, as these patients frequently present particular psychological manifestations - hence the name of psychological purpura.


  • F. H. Gardner, L. K. Diamond:
    Autoerythrocyte sensitization: a form of purpura producing painful bruising following autosensitization to red blood cells in certain women.
    Blood, New York, 1955, 10: 675-690.
  • J. P. Scott, et al:
    The autorerythrocyte sensitization syndrome as a primary manifestation of lupus erythematosus. The Journal of Pediatrics, St. Louis, 1981, 99: 598-600.

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