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Bezold-Jarisch reflex

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A cardiovascular decompressor reflex involving a marked increase in vagal (parasympathetic) efferent discharge to the heart, elicited by stimulation of chemoreceptors, primarily in the left ventricle. This causes a slowing of the heart beat (bradycardia) and dilatation of the peripheral blood vessels with resulting lowering of the blood pressure.

The concept was originated by Bezold in 1867, later revised by Jarisch in 1937.


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    Über die physiologischen Wirkungen des essigsauren Veratrine.
    Untersuchungen aus dem Physiologischen Laboratorium in Würzburg, 1867, 1: 73-122.

  • A. Jarisch, C. Henze
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  • A. Jarisch
    Vom Herzen ausgehende Kreislaufreflexe.
    Archiv für Kreislaufforschung 1940, 7: 260-­274.
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