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Rosen-Castleman-Liebow syndrome

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An idiopathic lung disease in which the alveoli are filled with a para-aminosalicylic-positive proteinaceous material rich in lipid. Symptoms include progressive dyspnea, especially on exertion, productive cough; sputum usually thick, chunky, and yellow whitish. fatigability, aching chest pain and weight loss, and occasional cardiovascular failure. Signs include pulmonary rales (rare), finger clubbing (rare), and cyanosis (terminally). Onset at all ages, most often in adult males. Majority of patients chronically exposed to sawdust, fumes, or other irritating substances. Onset insidious. In half of cases, prodromal febrile illness considered pneumonia.


  • S. H. Rosen, B. Castleman, A. A. Liebow:
    Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis.
    New England Journal of Medicine, Boston, 1958, 258: 1123-1142.

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