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Corrigan's pulse

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A jerky carotid pulse having a full expansion that appears to collapse and be completely empty between beats. An important diagnostic sign of aortic insufficiency – regurgitation and hyperkinetic circulatio – and in open ductus arteriosus Botalli. May also occur in Basedow’s disease. Usually asymptomatic for long periods of life span. Great prevalence in males. This eponymic term is hardly used any longer.

The condition was first described by Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866).


  • T. Hodgkin:
    On the retroversion of the valves of the aorta.
    The London Medical Gazette, 1828-1829, 3: 433-443.
  • D. J. Corrigan:
    On permanent patency of the mouth of the aorta, or inadequacy of the aortic valves.
    The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, 1832, 37: 225-245.
    Reprinted in Medical classics, 1837, 1: 703-727.

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