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Orbeli-Ginetsinski phenomenon (Leonid Abgarovich Orbeli)

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Antifatigue effect of sympathetic nerves. Concurrent stimulation of sympathetic fibres to a skeletal muscle stimulated by its nerve reduces its fatigue, restoring its working ability, with increased contraction of fatigued muscles.

Orbeli observed that when the lumbar sympathetic nerve was stimulated in the frog, the force of the fatigued skeletal muscle contracting due to electrical stimulation recovered from the weakened tension, but not fully.

Orbeli: Uspostavljanje radne sposobnosti skeletnog misica, koji se nalazi u stanju zamora pri razdrazenju simpatickih nerava koji idu prema njemu

We thank Zoran Bojanic, MD. PhD, Serbia, for information submitted.


  • L. A. Orbeli:
    Die sympathtitische Innervation der Skelettmuskeln.
    Bull. Inst. Scient. St. Petersburg, 1923, 6: 8-18.
  • A. G. Ginetsinski:
    Vlyiannye sympatycheskoi nervnoi systemy po functii poperechnopolosatoi myshtsy.
    Rus Physiol Zhurn 1923, 6 (1-3): 139.
  • L. A. Orbeli:
    Obzor uchenia o sympatycheskoi innervatsyii skeletnych myshc, organov chuvstv i centralnoi nervnoi systemy.
    Physiol Zhurn SSSR 1932, 15 (1-2): 1.

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