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Rietti-Greppi-Micheli syndrome

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A no longer commonly used term for heterozygous thalassaemia. It is an intermediate form of thalassaemia characterized by microcythaemia, haemolytic jaundice with decreased red cell fragility, hepatomegaly, and splenomegaly. It is a heredofamilial constitutional disorder that has been observed most frequently in Italians, but also in other residents of the Northern Mediterranean coast. Scattered cases, occurring perhaps through heredity and migration, have been reported in various parts of the world.


  • F. Rietti:
    Sugli itteri emolitici primitivi.
    Atti della Accademia delle Scienze Mediche e Naturali in Ferrara, 1925: 2-14.
  • E. Greppi:
    Ittero emolitico familiare con aumento della resistenza dei globuli.
    Minerva medica, Torino, 1928: 8 (2): 1-11.
  • L’iperglobalia microcytica (microcyitosi vera) con aumento della iteroemolitico premitivo.
    Minerva medica, Torino, 1931, 1: 189.
  • F. Micheli, F. Penatal, G. M. Levi:
    Anemia ipocromica splenomedica con elletto dilosi-ponchillo estos.
    Hematologica Arcivo, 1925, 16: 5. Le splenomegalie emolitiche. Att 35th Cong Soc Ital Med Int, 1929.

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