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Winer's dilated pore

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    A hair structure anomaly that appears as an enlarged solitary comedo, most commonly on the face, predominantly on the upper lip, cheek, or forehead of a middle-aged person. The lesion can also be found on the trunk, most commonly the back. The pore is a tumor of the intraepidermal follicle and infundibulum of a pilosebaceous apparatus. The skin surrounding the pore appears to be unchanged, with no inflammation or induration.

    This eponym was submitted by Charles Steffen, M.D.


    • L. H. Winer:
      The dilated pore, a trichoepithelioma.
      The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Cambridge, 1954, 23: 181-8.
    • P. B. Luther, D. W. Scott, R. G. Buerger:
      The dilated pore of Winer--an overlooked cutaneous lesion of cats.
      The Journal of Comparative Pathology, Liverpool, November 1989, 101(4): 375-379.
    • C. Steffen:
      Winer's dilated pore: the infundibuloma.
      The American Journal of Dermatopathology, New York, June 2001, 23(3): 246-253.

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