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Stryker-Halbeisen syndrome (Garold Vernon Stryker)

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Obsolete term for an association of macrocytic anaemia with vitamin B complex deficiency dermatosis, marked by a patchy, superficial, scaly and vesicular erythroderma, and intense pruritus on face, neck, and upper chest. Other symptoms include weakness and fatigue. In advanced stages, the patches loose their evanescent character and become confluent and the vesiculation tends to disappear. The skin then becomes oedematous and slightly thickened.


  • G. V. Stryker, W. A. Halbeisen:
    Determination of macrocytic anemia as an aid in diagnosis of certain deficiency dermatoses.
    Archives of Dermatology and Syphilology, Chicago, 1945, 51: 116-123.

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