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Moro's tuberculine reaction

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Percutaneous tuberculin reaction employed as a diagnostic measure. The skin reaction is provoked by rubbing the skin with a salve of tuberculin. It is only applicable on children, as the skin of adults often is too thick to let through the tuberculin.

See also:
Mendel-Mantoux tuberculin test (Mantoux's test), under Felix Mendel, German physician, 1862-1925.
Pirquet's test, under Clemens Peter Pirquet von Cesenatico, Austrian paediatrician, 1874-1929.
Calmette and Wolff-Eisner ophthalmo reaction, under Léon Charles Albert Calmette, French physician and bacteriologist, 1863-1933.
(Calmette and Wolff-Eisner will be entered later).


  • E. Moro:
    Ueber eine diagnostische verwertbare Reaktion der Haut auf Einreibung mit Tuberkulinsalbe.
    Münchener medizinische Wochenschrift, 1908, 55: 216-218 and 2025-2028.

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