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Martorell's ulcer

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Hypertension associated with local gangrene due to obliteration of the arteries, with painful ulceration of the leg (frequently bilateral) above the ankle. Predominant in women, onset in middle or old age. Caused by blood hypertension.


  • F. Martorell:
    Las ulceras supramaleolares por arteriolitis de las grandes hipertensas.
    Actas Reuniones Cientificas Cuerpo Facultativo Instituto Policlinico Barcelona 1945, 1: 6.
  • E. Hines, E. Farber:
    Ulcer of the leg due to arteriolosclerosis and ischemia occurring in the presence of hypertensive disease (hypertensive-ischemic ulcers): A preliminary report.
    Proceedings of the Staff Meetings of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 1946, 21: 337-346.
  • F. Martorell:
    Ulcera hypertensiva. Barcelona Ediciones BTP, 1953.
  • F. Martorell:
    Hypertensive ulcer of the leg.
    The Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, Torino, 1978, 19: 599-600.

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