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Amyand's hernia

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An inguinal hernia with an appendix involved. In 1735 Amyand described the presence of a perforated appendix within the hernial sac of an 11-year-old boy who had undergone successful appendicectomy. The operation was performed on December 6, 1735, at St. george’s Hospital in London. The organ was perforated by a pin the boy had apparently swallowed. The patient, Hanvil Andersen, made a spectacular recovery and was discharged a month later.


  • C. Amyand:
    Of an inguinal rupture, with a pin in the appendix caeci, incrusted with stone; and some observations on wounds in the guts.
    Philosophical Transactions, 1736, 39: 329-336.
    First recorded successful appendectomy.

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