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de Morsier's syndrome I

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Diencephalic lesions appearing in first decade of life associated with a variety of behavioural, psychomotor, and sensory disorders, as well as all signs of precocious sexual development. Sensory disorders include seizures or other epileptic manifestations, impaired memory, mental fatigability, hallucinations, photophobia, perception disturbances, hyperacusia, hyperosmia, difficulty in moving around an axis, and facial and oculomotor spasms. Accelerated growth and weight increase; acromegalic aspect in some cases.

The numbering of de Morsier's syndromes is by this author.


  • G. de Morsier:
    Pathologie du diencéphale. Les syndromes psychologiques et syndromes sensorio-moteurs.
    Schweizer Archiv für Neurologie und Psychiatrie, Zurich, 1944, 54: 161-226. Contribution à l’étude clinique des altérations de la formation réticulée: Le syndrome sensorio-moteur et psychologique.
    Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Amsterdam, 1966, 4: 15-49.

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