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Waldenberg's manoeuver

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The rerouting of a critically ill patient by a surgical resident on call in an effort to avoid work.

Submitted by Leo Gordon, MD
Associate Director of Surgical Education
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, California.

We thank Whitney Waldenberg, Leopold Waldenberg's daughter, for information that may correct some misunderstandings about this eponym.

Whitney Waldenberg refers this about her father's reaction to his eponymic fame: "Actually this is about me... It was named in 1970 by my junior resident Tom O'Donnell who was Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the New England Medical Center and now is President of Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston.

It came about when I used to see and operate on patients along with my residents and leave them on the medical service so we could see and do more surgery.....in those days patients stayed in the hospital much much longer than today and so the service could get so big that it would limit the number of beds that could be used to get your patients admitted... It was much easier to have the medical services admit and keep the patients....they got the credit and the surgical residents got the cases"

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