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Taussig-Snellen-Albers syndrome

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A no longer commonly used term for congenital anomalous drainage of the pulmonary vein into the inferior vena cava or into the left innominate vein, associated with septal defect. The conditions affects both sexes. Other features may include dyspnoea, asthonia, easy fatigability, recurrent respiratory infections, semitranslucent skin. Situs inversus and pulmonary stenosis may be present. Occasionally, deformity of left side of thorax, tachypnea, distended veins of neck, pulsating hepatomegaly, right atrium and ventricle enlarged, accentuation of second pulmonic sound, precordial systolic and midsystolic apical murmurs, and arrhythmia. Most patients with partial abnormal drainage enjoy good health until an advanced age.


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