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Allen-Hines syndrome (Edgar Van Nuys Allen)

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A syndrome of accumulation of fat and fluid causing bilateral enlargement of buttocks and legs. Usually the fat accumulation limited to legs and the rest of the body appears normal. Symptoms and signs increase in warm weather. The condition is almost exclusively seen in women and causes emotional and physical distress because of the appearance of the leg. Frequently, family of big legs. Aetiology unknown, but hereditary character is possible.


  • E. A. Hines, E. V. Allen:
    Lipedema of the legs: a syndrome characterised by fat legs and orthostatic edema. Proceedings of the Staff Meetings of the Mayo Clinic, 1940, 15: 184-187.
  • E. A. Hines, E. V. Allen, L. E. Wold:
    Lipedema of legs: a syndrome characterized by fat legs and oedema.
    Annals of Internal Medicine, Philadelphia, 1951, 34: 1243-1250.

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