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Cooper's disease

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A disease characterised by multiple, benign cystic growths in the breast. The cysts are brown to blue, up to 5 mm in diameter, are filled with fluid showing through a smooth membrane lining. Occur in women. Onset between 30 and 35 years of age. The disturbance is caused by hyperplasia of the ductal epithelium and cystic dilatation of the ducts.


  • A. P. Cooper:
    Illustrations of the Diseases of the Breast. London, Longman, Rees & Co., 1829.
    Cooper here refers to this condition as “hydatid disease”.
  • P. Reclus:
    La maladie kystique des mamelles.
    Bulletin de la Société anatomique de Paris, 1883, 58: 428-433.
  • C. Schimmelbusch:
    Das Cystadenom der Mammae.
    Archiv für klinische Chirurgie, Berlin, 1892, 44: 117-134.
  • J. C. Bloodgood:
    The pathology of chronic cystic mastitis of the female breast, with special consideration of the blue-dome cyst.
    Archives of Surgery, Chicago, 1921, 3: 445-452. Senile parenchymatous hypertrophy of female breast.
    Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Chicago, 1906, 3: 721-730.
    Bloodgood’s theory of the causation of chronic mastitis.
  • G. L. Cheatle, M. Cutler:
    Cystipharous desquamative epithelial hyperplasia. (Chronic cystic mastitis, «maladie kystique des mammelles» or Reclus disease, benign cystic disease, senile parenchymatous hypertrophy [Bloodgood]-Schimmelbusch’s disease, fibroadenomatosis [Semb.]
    In their: Tumours of the Breast. Their Pathology, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment. London, Arnold, 1931.

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