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Arndt-Gottron syndrome

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A fibromucinous tissue disease that usually appears in 3rd to 5th decades. It is characterized by diffuse thickening of skin underlying lichenoid papular eruption, often in linear patterns, approximately of uniform size. Infiltrations involve the greater part of the body. Distortion of facial features and limitations of finger movements. Lassitude of muscular weakness may be present. Believed to be caused by paraproteinaemia and accumulation of mucinous material in the dermis.


  • H. A. Gottron:
    Skleromyxödem (eine eigenartige Erscheinungsform von Myxothesaurodermie).
    Archiv für Dermatologie und Syphilis, Berlin, 1954, 199: 71-91.
  • W. Piper, et al:
    Das Skleromyxödem Arndt-Gottron: eine paraproteinämische Erkrankung.
    Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift, Basel, 1967, 97: 829-838.

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