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Alder-Reilly anomaly

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Inheritable anomaly with disturbance of the polysaccharid metabolism; with larger than usual azurophile cytoplasmatic granula in the neutrophile leucocytes. Neutrophile granulocytes, or also monocytes and lymphocytes containg conspicuous, dark or redish coloured granula. The appearance resembles “toxic granulation” seen in sepsis etx. It is often associated with gargoylism and disturbance of skeletal growth, and particularly with the mucopolysaccharidoses, e.g. Hunter, Hurler, Maroteaux-Lamy syndromes. Inheritance is autosomal recessivet.

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  • A. von Alder:
    Vortrag an der internationalen hämtologischen Tagung, Münster, 1937. Über konstitutionell bedingte Granulationsveränderungen der Leukocyten.
    Deutsches Archiv für klinische Medizin, Leipzig, 1939, 183: 372-378.
  • W. A. Reilly:
    The granules in the leukocytes in gargoylism.
    American Journal of Diseases of Children, Chicago, 1941, 62: 489-491.

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