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Lamy-Maroteaux syndrome

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A syndrome characterised by prenatal micromelic dwarfism, progressive kyphoscoliosis (the word ”diastrophic” means twisted) with gradual decrease in interpediculate distance toward caudal end of L-spine; multiple joint contractures, especially of the shoulders, elbows, interphalangeal joints, and hips, short flared metaphyses with flattened epiphyses in tubular bones of extremities, proximally set hypermobile thumbs ("hitch-hiker's thumb"), hypoplastic first metacarpal, other metacarpals too broad, especially at growing end, and carpal bones with too many centres ossified; equinovarus deformity of feet - major joints subluxed. Bilateral talipes equinovarus; soft cystic masses on the ear auricles; and, in some cases, cleft palate.

See also Burgio's pseudodiastrophic dwarfism, under G. R. Burgio.


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  • D. K. Harris, W. G. Adams:
    Acro-osteolysis occurring in men engaged in the polymerization of vinyl chloride.
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Pierre Maroteaux, French paediatrician and medical geneticist, born 1926.
G. R. Burgio, No further biographical information available.

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