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Debre-Fittke syndrome

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A syndrome marked by loss of elastisicty of skin and formation of skin folds. They progress during infancy and become less evident after puberty. They are particularly noticeable on face and trunk.

Associated from birth with persistent fontanelles, moderate oxycephaly, hip dislocation. Other featueres may include pigeon breast, flat feet, and scoliosis. Inheritance is probably autosomal recessive.


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    «Cutis laxa» avec dystrophies osseuses.
    Bull Soc Méd Hôp, 1937, 53: 1038-1039.
  • H. Fittke:
    Über eine ungewöhnliche Form «multipler Erbabartung» (Chalodermie und Dysostose).
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, 1942, 63: 510-523.

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