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François dystrophy II

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A congenital and nonprogressive corneal dystrophy characterized by minute punctate opacities found in all layers of the cornea. Identified from 2 years of age or later and may be detected with the use of a slit lamp. The lesions vary in size, form, and degree of opacity, but are identical in both eyes. The anterior limiting membranes are always intact. Vision normal; corneal sensation normal. Both sexes affected;. Autosomal dominant inheritance.


  • J. François:
    Une nouvelle dystrophie hérédo-familiare de la cornée.
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  • J. François, A. Neetens:
    Nouvelle dystrophie hérédofamiliale du parenchyme cornéen (hérédodystrophie mouchetée).
    Bulletin de la Société belge d'ophtalmologie, 1957, 114: 641-646.
  • D. H. Nicholson, W. R. Green, Harold E. Cross, K. R. Kenyon, D. Massof:
    A clinical and histopathological study of Francois-Neetens speckled corneal dystrophy.
    American Journal of Ophthalmology, Chicago, 1977, 83: 554-560.

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