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Otto-Chrobak pelvis

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Protrusion of the acetabulum into the pelvic cavity. This may occur in association with coxitis or severe osteoarthritis of the hip. Onset in puberal period or later. Progressive and frequently bilateral loss of hip joint movement without pain with deformity on hip flexion and abduction.


  • A. W. Otto:
    Seltene Beobachtungen zur Anatomie, Physiologie und Pathologie gehörig.
    2 booklets, Breslau and Berlin, 1816, 1824.
  • A. Sokoowsky, Z. Kopera:
    Przypadek pierwotnego wgobiema panewki stawn biodrowego (protrusio acetabuli primaria Otto-Crhobak) viekn modocianym.
    Post Reum Warszava, 1957, 3: 140-145.

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