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Ackerman's syndrome

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    A familial syndrome of fused molar roots with a single canal (taurodontism), hypotrichosis, full upper lip without a cupid’s bow, thickened and wide philtrum, and occasional juvenile glaucoma. Other features include entropion of the eyelid, soft tissue syndactyly, sparse body hair, hyperpigmentation and hardening of the skin over the interphalangeal joints of the fingers, and clinodactyly of the fifth fingers. Present from birth. Etiology unknown. It has appeared in two generations of a family.


    • J. L. Ackerman & A. B. Ackerman:
      Taurodont, pyramidal and fused molar roots associated with other anomalies in a kindred.
      American Journal of Physical Anthropology, New York, 1973, 38: 681-694.

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