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Bärtschi-Rochaix' syndrome

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A syndrome consisting of headache, paresthesia, numbness, coldness of ipsilateral arm, visual disturbances (scotoma), stiffness of the neck, pain on pressure of the cervical vertebrae, vertigo, dizziness, decreased hearing, tinnitus (may persist when vertigo is over and in some patients is continuous). Gastrointestinal symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and explosive diarrhoea. Onset unpredictable. Precipitating factors include emotional tension, rotation or extension of head. It is due to traumatic cerebral artery compression.

This symptom complex is closely related to the Barré-Lieou syndrome. See under Jean-Alexandre Barré, French neurologist, 1880-1967.


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  • W. Bärtschi-Rochaix,:
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