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Barré-Liéou syndrome

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A syndrome characterized by trauma or arthritic changes involving the third and fourth cervical vertebrae or cervical disk lesions with irritation of the cranial nuclei, the fifth and eight cranial nerves being chiefly affected. This causes a disturbance of circulation in the region of the cranial nuclei, affecting especially the fifth and eight nerves. Symptoms are circulatory disorders with headaches in the back of the head, nystagmus in strong movements of the head, tinnitus, spasms, impaired vision, corneal hyperaesthesia and corneal ulcers. Other principal symptoms are anxiety, depression, and memory and thinking disorders. Usually occurs in middle-aged or older persons. Both sexes affected.

The term Barré-Liéou is no longer commonly used. This disturbance is rather similar to the Bärtschi=Rochaix syndrome, which is entered as a separate entity under Werner Bärtschi-Rochaix, Swiss physician, born 1911.


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