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Hanhart's syndrome II

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A rare syndrome of combined hypoplasia of the tongue and limbs. Main features include various orofacial anomalies, often associated with a variety of limb defects. Additional findings may include low birth weight and paralysis of the cranial nerves. Mental retardation is rare. Most cases are sporadic but autosomal dominant inheritance has also been reported.


  • E. Hanhart:
    Über die Kombination von Peromelia mit Mikrognathia, ein neues Syndrom beim Menschen, entsprechend der Akroteriasis congenita von Wriedt und Mohr beim Rinde.
    Archiv der Julius Klaus-Stiftung für Vererbungsforschung, Sozialanthropologie und Rassenhygiene, Zürich, 1950, 25: 531-544.

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