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Rebeitz-Kolodny-Richardson syndrome

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A disturbance which is a possible matebaolic failure at the cellular level, occurring in late middle age. Clumsinesss and slowness of movements of left limbs (presenting symptoms), then widespread. Severe impairment in control of muscular movements, postural abnormalities, involuntary muscular activity. Moderate muscular wekness. Mental faculties relatively spared. Tremor constant but not too severe. Finally, severe contractures, dysphagia, and speech impairment. Signs: paralysis of ocular muscles; exaggeration of myotonic reflexes and increased resistance to passive stretching of affected muscles. Babinski sign.


  • J. J. Rebeitz, H. Kolodny, E. P. Richardson:
    Corticodentatonigral degeneration with achromasia.
    Archives of Neurology, Chicago, 1968, 18: 20-33.

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