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Sergei Sergeievich Korsakoff - bibliography

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Russian neuropsychiatrist, born January 22, 1853, Gus estate, Vladimirsk; died May 1, Moscow, 1900. There is some uncertainty about when Korsakoff was born. Some writers say June 22, 1854, others say January 22, 1854. Can you help?


  • Ob alkogolnom paralichie.
    Moskva, Kushnerev, 1887.
    Paralysis alcoholica.
  • Boliesnennija rasstroistva pamijati i ich diagnostika.
    Moscow, 1890.
    [iseased disturbances of memory and their diagnosis]
  • Kurs psichiatrij. Moscow, 1893.(Textbook of Psychiatry). Biographical:
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