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Moritz Heinrich Romberg - bibliography

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German neurologist, born November 11, 1795, Meiningen, Thüringen, Sachsen; died June 16, 1873, Berlin.


  • Johann Peter Frank:
    System einer vollständigen medicinischen Polizey.
    9 volumes. Mannheim, Tübingen, Wien, 1779-1827.
    First systematic treatise on public hygiene. In his classic work, Frank, the "Father of Public Hygiene", considered the ruler of a state to stand in the relation of a father to his children. among his duties being the safeguarding of the people's health and the preservation of a healthy race by appropriate laws. The last two volumes were edited by Georg Christian Gotthelf Voigt (1790-1866). The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, published selections from an English translation, with introduction by Erna Lesky, in 1976. Works by Romberg:
  • De rachitide congenita.
    Doctoral dissertation, Berlin, Carl August Platen, 1817. English translation published by the Sydenham Society, London, 1853.
  • Commentationes quaedem de cerebri haemorrhagia.
    Habilitation text, Berlin, 1830.
  • Bemerkungen über die asiatische Cholera. Berlin, 1832.
  • Bericht über die Choleraepidemia des Jahres 1837.
    Berlin, 1837.
  • Lehrbuch der Nervenkrankheiten des Menschen.
    Berlin, Duncker, 1840-1846. 2nd edition, 1851; 3rd edition (unfinished), 1857, 1 volume.
    Also under the title of Pathologie und Therapie der Senisbilitäts- und Motilitätsneurosen.
    English translation: A Manual of the Nervous Diseases of Man. 2 volumes. London, Sydenham Society, 1853. Translated and edited by Sir Edward Henry Sieveking (1816-1904)
  • Neuralgiae nervi quinti specimen.
    Academic inauguration address, Berlin, 1840.
  • Bell's physiologische und pathologische Untersuchungen des Nervensystems. Berlin, 1832, 1836.
  • De paralysi respiratoria. Berlin, 1845.
  • Klinische Ergebnisse. Berlin, Förstner, 1846.
    The part Trophoneurosen, describing facial hemiatrophy, or Parry-Romberg syndrome, is on pages 75-81.
  • Klinische Wahrbehmungen und Beobachtungen, etc.
    2 volumes, Berlin, 1851.
    On Romberg’s experiences in the university policlinic, and the results of his many years as director of this institution. Published by his nephew, Eduard Heinrich Henoch (1820-1910).
  • Pathologie und Therapie der Senisbilität- und Motilitätneurosen.
    Title of the third edition of his Lehrbuch der Nervenkrankheiten des Menschen. See above.

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