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Sir Arthur Keith - bibliography

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Scottish anatomist, born February 5, 1866, Quarry Farm, Aberdeen; died January 7, 1955, Downe, Kent, England.


Keith was editor of Journal of Anatomy from 1916-1936.
  • An Introduction to the Study of Anthropoid Apes. 1896.
  • Human Embryology and Morphology.
    London, 1902; 4th edition, 1921; 6th edition, 1948.
  • A Manual of Practical Anatomy.
    With Alfred William Hughes (1862-1900). London, 1901.
  • The Auriculo-Ventricular Bundle of the Human Heart.
    Written with Martin William Flack. Lancet, London, 1906, 2: 359.
  • The form and nature of the muscular connections between the primary divisions of the vertebrate heart.
    Written with Martin William Flack.
    Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, London, 1907, 41: 172-189.
  • Illustrated guide to the museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, England. London, 1910.
  • Ancient Types of Man. London 1911.
  • The Antiquity of Man.
    London, 1915; 2nd edition in two volumes, 1925.
  • Nationality and Race. London, 1919.
  • The Engines of the Human Body.
    London, 1919; revised edition, 1925.
  • Menders of the Maimed.
    London, H. Frowde, 1919. 2nd edition, 1925.
    Facsimile reprint of first edition, 1952.
    Reprinted, Malabar, Fl., Krieger, 1975.
  • Religion of a Darwinist. London, 1925.
  • Concerning Man’s Origin. London, 1927.
  • New Discoveries of the Antiquities of Man.
    London, 1931.
  • A new Theory of the Origin of Modern Races of Mankind.
    Nature, London, 1936, 138: 194.
  • The Stone Age of Mount Carmel – the Fossil Human Remains.
    Written with Theodore Doney McCown, Oxford, 1939.
  • A New Theory of Human Evolution. 1948.
  • An Autobiography. London, 1950.
  • Darwin Revalued. London, 1955.

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