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English physician, born October 1795, Long Benton, Northumberland, near Newcastle; died June 29, 1860, 15 Wellington Villas, Brighton.


  • De Syphilide et Hydrargyro. Doctoral thesis, University of Edinburgh, 1815.
    "Concerning Syphilis and Mecury"
  • An Essay on the Operation of Poisonous Agents upon the Living Body. Written with John Morgan (1797-1847). London, Longman Rees, 1829.
    First book in English on the action of poisons on the living body.
  • Observations on the Disorders of Females Connected with Uterine Irritation. London 1830.
  • Observations on Fatty Degeneration of the Liver.
  • Elements of the Practice of Medicine.
    Written with Richard Bright (1789-1858). 3 parts, London, 1836-1839.
  • On the influence of electricity, as a remedy in certain convulsive and spasmodic diseases.
    Guy’s Hospital Reports, London, 1837, 2: 493-507.
    First therapeutic employment of static electricity.
  • Observations on the Anatomy of the Lungs.
    1840. In: Collected Writings, London 1868.
  • Observations on Pneumonia and its Consequences.
    In: Guy's Hospital Reports, 2nd Series, 1843, 1: 365-402.
  • On the Pathology of Phthisis.
    Guy's Hospital Reports, London 1845, 3: 1-38.
  • Chronic Suprarenal Insufficiency, Usually due to Tuberculosis of Suprarenal Capsule.
    Addisons’ disease. 1st announcement in: London Medical Gazette, n.s. 1849, 43: 517-518.
  • On a Certain Affection of the Skin, Vitilgoidea - a. plana, b. tuberosa. With remarks. Written with William Gull.
    Guy's Hospital Reports, London, 2nd Series, 1851, 7: 265-276.
  • On the Constitutional and Local Effects of Disease of the Supra-renal Capsules. London 1855.
  • Elements of the Practice of Medicine.
    Written with Richard Bright.
    Issued in three parts from 1836 to 1839.
  • On the keloid of Alibert, and on true keloid.
    Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, London, 1854, 37: 27-47.
    Addison described two forms of keloid, that described by Alibert, and the ”true keloid” (the skin disease morphoea), ”Addison’s keloid”.
  • A Collection of the Published Writings of Thomas Addison. Edited by Dr. Wilks and Dr. Daldy.
    239 pages. London, the New Sydenham Society, 1868.
    Dr. Wilks is Sir Samuel Wilks, 1824-1911.
  • F. M. Sutherland:
    Nova et Vetera. Thomas Addison 1793-1860.
    British Medical Journal, London, 1960, 5194: 304-305.

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