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Sir George Ballingall - bibliography

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British surgeon, born May 2, 1780, Forglen in Banffshire; died December 4, 1855, on his estate Altamont near Blaigowrie in Pertshire.


  • De Apoplexia Sanguinea.
    Doctoral dissertation, University of Edinburgh, 1819.
  • Case of hydrophobia etc.
    Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, volume XI, 1818.
  • Two cases of dislocations of the thumb.
    Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, volume XI, 1818.
  • Practical observations on fever, dysentery, and liver complaints, as they occur amongst European troops in India; with introductory remarks on the disadvantages of selecting boys for Indian military service.
    Edinburgh, D. Brown & A. Constable, 1818.
    2nd edition, comprising Essay on Syphilis, written in 1820.
    Ballingall distinguished between amoebic and bacillary dysentery. Review of some of the surgical cases which have lately occurred in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.
    (Nos. 1-5, 1827.1829).
  • Clinical lectures.
    Five lectures given at the Royal Infirmary 1826-1829.
  • Introductory lectures to a course of anatomy, delivered by the late John Barclay. With a memoir of the life of the author.
    Edinburgh, 1828.
  • Introductory lectures to a course of military surgery, delivered in the University of Edinburgh.
    Edinburgh, 1830; German translation, Lemgo, 1834.
  • Outlines of the Course of Lectures on Military Surgery, delivered etc.
    Edinburgh, 1833.
    Later published as: Outlines of Military Surgery. 5th edition, 1855.
  • Letter to Henry Warburton, Esq., chairman of a committee of the House of Commons appointed to inquire into the state of medical profession.
    Edinburgh, 1834.
    On the professional interests and education of military physicians.
  • On school of naval and military surgery. To the editor of the Medico-Chirugical Review. 1844.
  • Observations on the site and construction of hospitals.
    Edinburgh, 1851.

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