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Austrian ophthalmologist, born August 22, 1863, Leibnitz, Steiermerk; died 1939.


  • Die Funktionspr├╝fung des Auges.
    Leipzig and Vienna, 1896, 3rd edition, 1923.
  • Pathologische Anatomie des Sehnerveneintrittes. Berlin, 1900.
  • Stereoskopisch-photographischer Atlas der pathologischen Anatomie des Auges.
    Vienna and Leipzig, 1901-1902.
  • Studien zur sympathischen Ophthalmie. 1. Wirkung von antigenen vom Augeninnern aus.
    Albrecht von Graefes Archiv f├╝r Ophthalmologie, Berlin, 1910, 75: 459-473.
    Elschnig suggested the anaphylactic theory of the pathogenesis of sympathetic ophthalmia.
  • Keratoplasty.
    Archives of Ophthalmology, 1930, 4: 165-173.
    Elschnig developed the method of corneal grafting introduced by Eugen von Hippel (1867-1939) and produced good results on the human eye.

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