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Antonio Caetano de Abreu Freire Egas Moniz - bibliography

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Portuguese surgeon, neurologist and statesman, born November 29, 1874 Avança, Portugal; died December 13, 1955, Lisboa.


  • A vida sexual (fisiologia e patologia). Coimbra, 1901.
    (Physiological and pathological aspects of sex life).
  • Novas ideias sobre o hipnotismo. Lisbon, 1914.
  • A neurologia na guerra.
    Lisboa, Livr. Ferreira, 1917. (Neurology in war).
  • Um ano de politico. Lisbon, 1920. (A year of politics).
  • Júlio Diniz e a sua obra
    (Julio Denis and his works), 6 editions, Lisbon, 1924.
  • O Padre Faria na história do hipnotismo. Lisbon, 1925.
    (Abbé Faria in the history of hypnotism)
  • L’encéphalographie artérielle, son importance dans la localisation des tumeurs cérébrales.
    Revue neurologique, Paris, 1927, 2: 72-90.
    Introduction of cerebral arteriography.
  • Injections intracarotidiennes et substances injectables opaques aux rayons X.
    Presse médicale, Paris, 1927, 35: 969-971.
    Carotid arteriography.
  • Diagnostic des tumeurs cérébrales et épreuve de l’encéphalographie artérielle. Paris, Masson, 1931.
    (Diagnostics of cerebral tumours and application of arterial encephalography).
  • L’angiographie cérébral, ses applications et résultats en anatomie, physiologie et clinique. Paris, 1934.
    (Cerebral angiography, its applications and results in anatomy, physiology, and clinic).
    This work on cerebral angiography is one of the best known of more than a hundred books and articles published on the subject by Egas Moniz.
  • Essai d’un traitement chirurgical de certaines psychoses.
    Bulletin de l’Académie de médecine, Paris, 1936, 115: 385-392.
    Prefrontal leucotomy.
    Translation in Journal of Neurosurgery, Baltimore, 1964, 21: 1110-1114.
  • Tentatives opératoires dans le traitement de certaines psychoses.
    Paris, Masson, 1936.
    (Tentative methods in the treatment of certain psychoses).
  • La leucotomie préfrontale. Traitement chirurgical de certaines psychoses.
    Torino, 1937.
    (Prefrontal leucotomy. Surgical treatment of certain psychoses)
  • Clinica dell'angiografia cerebrale.
    Torino, 1938. (Clinical cerebral angiography).
  • Ao lado da medicina. Lisboa, 1940. (On the side of medicine).
  • Die cerebrale Arteriographie und Phlebographie. Berlin, 1940.
    (Cerebral arteriography and phlebography),
  • Trombosis y otras obstrucciones de las carótidas.
    Barcelona, 1941.
    (Thrombosis and other obstructions of the carotids).
  • História das cartas de jogar.
    Lisbon, 1942. (History of playing-cards).
  • Como cheguei a realizar a leucotomia pré-frontal.
    Lisbon, 1948.
    (How I came to perform leucotomy).
  • Mein Weg zur Leukotomie.
    Deutsche medizinsche Wochenschrift, Stuttgart, 1948, 73: 581-583.
  • Die präfrontale Leukotomie (Prefrontal leucotomy).
    Archiv für Psychiatrie und Nervenkrankheiten, Berlin, 1949. Obituaries
  • Antonio Egas Moniz, M. D. The Lancet, London, 1955; 2: 1345.
  • R. Perino:
    Egas Moniz, 1874-1955.
    Journal of the International College of Surgeons, 1961; 36: 261-271. Biographical:
  • Egas Moniz:
    Confidencias de un investigador cientifico. Lisboa, Ed. Atica, 1949.
  • Kolle, editor:
    Grosse Nervenärzte.
    Volume 1. Stuttgart, Thieme, 1966, pp. 187-199. (Barahona Fernandes).
  • Anonymous:
    Journal of the American Medical Association, Chicago, 1967, 206: 368-369.

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