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British physician, born October 21, 1755, Cirencester, Gloucestershire; died March 9, 1822, Sion Place, Bath.


  • Proposals for a History of Fossils in Gloucestershire. 1781.
  • On the effects of compression of the arteries in various diseases and particularly in those of the head.
    Memoirs of the Medical Society of London, 1792; III.
  • An Inquiry Into the Symptoms and Causes of the Syncope Anginosa Commonly Called Angina Pectoris, illustrated by Dissections.
    Bath, R. Cruttwell; London, Cadell & Davis, 1799.
    This was a paper read before the Gloucester Medical Society in 1788, but not published until 1799.
  • An Experimental Inquiry into the Nature, Cause and Varieties of the Arterial Pulse.
    Bath, 1816; London, Underwood, 1816.
    German translation by Elieser Salomo von Embden (1775): Experimentaluntersuchung über den arteriösen Puls. Hannover, 1817.
  • Elements of Pathology and Therapeutics.
    London, 1815; new edtition by his son Charles Henry Parry in 1825.
  • Collections from the Unpublished Medical Writings of the Late Caleb Hillier Parry.
    Posthumous. London, Underwood, Fleet Street, 1825.
  • Enlargement of the thyroid gland in connection with enlargement or palpitation of the heart.
    Collections from the unpublished papers of the late Caleb Hillier Parry 1825: 111-125
  • P. Kligfield:
    The early pathophysiologic understanding of angina pectoris.
    American Journal of Cardiology, New York, 1982, 50: 1433-1434.
  • Sholem Glaser:
    The Spirit of Enquiry. Bath, 1999.

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