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Ann J. Johanson American paediatrician, born July 1934.


Harvey J. Guyda, Ann J. Johanson, Claude J. Midgeon and Robert M. Blizzard:
• Determination of Serum Luteinizing Hormone (SLH) by Radioimmunoassay in Disorder of
  Adult Sexual Development.
  Peadiatric Research, Hagerstown, 1969, 3: 538-¬544.
Ann J. Johanson, Harvey Guyda, Claude Light, Claude J. Migeon, Robert M. Blizzard:
 Serum luteinizing hormone by radioimmunoassay in normal children.
  The Journal of Pediatrics, St. Louis, March 1969, 74 (3): 416-424.
Robert Penny, Harvey J. Guyda, Alice Basarinnslag, Ann J. Johanson, and Robert M. Blizzard:
Correlation of serum follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) and lateinizing hormone (LH) as measured 
  by radiumimmonoassay in disorders of sexual development. 
  The Journal of Clinical Investigation, New Haven, October 1970, 10: 1847-1852.
A. Johanson and R. Blizzard:
A syndrome of congenital aplasia of the alae nasi, deafness, hypothyroidism, dwarfism, 
  absent permanent teeth, and malabsorption.
  The Journal of Pediatrics, St. Louis, December 1971, 79 (6): 982¬-987.
Carol A. Huseman, Ann J. Johanson, Madan M. Varma and Robert M. Blizzard:
Congenital lipodystrophy. II. Association with polycysticovarian disease.
  The Journal of Pediatrics, July 1979, 95 (1): 72–74.
Ron G. Rosenfeld, Raymond L. Hintz, Ann J. Johanson, Jo Anne Brasel, Stephen Burstein, Steven D. Chernausek, Teresa Clabots, James Frane, Ronald W. Gotlin, Joyce Kuntze, Barbara M. Lippe, Patrick C. Mahoney, Wayne V. Moore, Maria I. New, Paul Saenger, Elizabeth Stoner, Virginia Sybert:
Methionyl human growth hormone and oxandrolone in Turner syndrome: Preliminary results of a
  prospective randomized trial.
  The Journal of Pediatrics, December 1986, 109, 6:  936-943
Ron G. Rosenfeld, Raymond L. Hintz, Ann J. Johanson and Barry Sherman:
Results from the First 2 Years of a Clinical Trial with Recombinant DNA-derived Human 
  Growth Hormone (Somatrem) in Turner's Syndrome. 
  Acta Paediatrica, January 1987, 76 (Supplement s331): 59-66.
Nancy J. Hopwood; Raymond L. Hintz; Joseph M. Gertner; Kenneth M. Attie; Ann J. Johanson; 
Joyce Baptista; Joyce Kuntze; Robert M. Blizzard; Jose F. Cara; Steven D. Chernausek; et al.
Growth response of children with non-growth-hormone deficiency and marked short stature 
  during three years of growth hormone therapy.
  The Journal of Pediatrics. 1993, 123 (2): 215-222.
Ron G. Rosenfeld, Kenneth M. Attie, James Frane, Anne Brasel, Stephen Burstein, Jose F. Cara, 
Steven Chernausek, Ronald W. Gotlin, Joyce Kuntze, Barbara M. Lippe, C.Patrick Mahoney, 
Wayne V. Moore, Paul Saenger, Ann J. Johanson:
Growth hormone therapy in Turner’s syndrome: Beneficial effect on adult health.
  The Journal of Pediatrics, February 1998, 132 ( 2): 319-324.
C. M. Mitchell, Susan Joyce, Ann M. Johanson, Samuel Libber, Leslie Plotnick, Claude J. Migeon, Robert M. Blizzard:
A Retrospective Evaluation of Psychosocial impact of Long-term Growth Hormone Therapy.
  Clinical Pediatrics, Philadelphia, January 1986, 25 (1): 17-23.
Madan Varma, Carol A. Huseman, Ann J. Johanson and Robert M. Blizzard:
Effect of Prolactin on Adrenocortical and Gonadal Function in Normal Men.
  Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 1977, 44: 760.

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