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Italian obstetrician, born September 17, 1842, Padua; died 1902


Edoardo Porro:

•  Risultati apparenti e risultati veri del parto precoce artificiale. Milano, 1871.

•  Pelvi distocia. Milano 1873.

•  Dell’amputazione utero-ovarica come complemento di taglio cesareo.
   Annali universali di medicina e chirurgia,Milano, 1876, 237: 289-350.
   Porro’s operation.

Biographical, etc.

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•  Successful removal of the uterus and both ovaries by abdominal section;
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   Main source for this article.
   Donald H. Todman, MA, FRACP, FRCP, is affiliated with the School of Medicine,
   University of Queensland.

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