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Usually referred to as Fritz Müller. Also called Müller-Desterro. German biologist and physician, born March 31, 1821, Windischholzhausen, Erfurt, Thuringia; died May 21, 1897, Blumenau, Brazil.


Fritz Müller:

Notes on some of the climbing-plants near Desterro in South Brazil.
Journal of the Linnean Society. Botany, London, 1867, 9: 344-349.

Über die Vortheile der Mimicry bei Schmetterlingen. Zoologischer Anzeiger, 1878, 1: 54–55.

Aposematic colours Ituna and Thyridia: a remarkable case of mimicry in butterflies. 1879.
Translated by R. Meldola. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of London, 1879: 20-29.

On female dimorphism of Paltostoma torrentium.
The Entomologists' Monthly Magazine, 1880/1881, 17: 225.

On Fritz Müller and his work:

Müller, Johann Friedrich Theodor. In “New International Encyclopedia. 1905

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David A. West:
Fritz Müller: a naturalist in Brazil. Blacksburg: Pocahontas Press, 2003.

Alfred Möller (1860-1922):
Fritz Müller. Werke, Briefe und Leben. Gsammelt und herausgegeben von Dr. Alfred Möller.
Jena : G. Fischer, 1915.   [virtually the sole biographical source for this significant biologist]

Cezar Zillig:   
Dear Mr. Darwin. 1997. In Portuguese
Letters between Müller and Darwin, with comments on the life of Fritz Müller.

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