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German ophthalmologist, born February 10, 1855, Zempelburg, estpreussen; died June 28, 1925, Giessen. First name sometimes also written Adolph.


Adolf Vossius:
Leitfaden zum Gebrauch des Augenspiegels : fur Studirende und Aerzte.
3rd edition, expanded and revised, Berlin : August Hirschwald, 1893.

Adolph Vossius:
Grundriss der Augenheilkunde. Leipzig and Vienna, 1888.
Later editions as: Lehrbruch der Augenheilkunde. Bearbeitet von Adolf Vossius.
Leipzig & Vienna Franz Deuticke. 3rd edition, 1898. 902 pages.
4th edition, 1908, translated into Japanese and Russian.

Adolf Vossius, C. Hess, O. Lange.
Die Croupose Conjunctivitis; Ueber Linsentrubungen; Ueber Glaucom; Die Keratitis Interstitialis; Die Pathologie Des Farbensinnes. 1898. Published in Paperback April 2010 by Kessinger Publishing

Vossius also occasioned the publication of the Sammlung Zwangloser Abhandlungen aus dem gebiete der Augenheilkunde, Halle an der Saale.

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