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French anatomist and embryologist, born December 23, 1875, Le Bleymard, département Lozère; died 1952.


  • Études sur les ligaments de pericarde chez l’homme. Montpellier, 1903.
  • Precis d’anatomie et de dissection.
    2 volumes, Paris, 1911-1913. 5th edition in 1930.
  • Anatomie humaine, descriptive et topographiqie.
    2 volumes. Paris, 1924. 2nd edition in 1927.
  • Anatomie du Système Lymphatique Humain. 1938.
    [Anatomy of the Human Lumphatic System.]
    An exhaustive study involving the delineation and classification of human lymph nodes and their associated drainage regions. Rouvière's work was a continuation of the seminal research of the lymphatic system done by anatomist Marie Sappey (1810-1896). Biographical etc:
  • Isidor Fischer (1869-1943), publisher:
    Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte der letzten fünfzig Jahre.
    Berlin – Wien, Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1932.
  • H. Cornejo:
    [Profesor Henry Rouvière.]
    Anales de la Facultad de medicina, Lima, 1952, 35 (4): 534-535.
  • G. Menegaux:
    Henri Rouvière; 1875-1952. Mémoires de l'Académie de chirurgie, Paris, January 6-20, 1954, 80 (1-2-3): 117-129.

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