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Waldemar Mordecai Wolff Haffkine - bibliography

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Russian-British bacteriologist, born March 15, 1860, Odessa, Russia; died October 25, 1930, Lausanne, Switzerland.


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  • Recherches biologiques sur l’Euglena viridus.
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  • Vaccination Against Asiatic Cholera.
    Lecture given at Calcutta Medical College, March 24, 1893.
    Published in: Indian Medical Gazette, Calcutta, volume 28, 1893.
  • Technique of Haffkine’s anti-cholera inoculations.
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  • Experiment on the effect of protective inoculation in the epidemic of plague at Undhera, Taluka Baroda, February and March, 1898. Bombay, 1898.
  • Report on the preventive inoculations against the plague in the Khoja community of Bombay, during the epidemic 1897-98. Bombay, 1898.
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  • Summarised report on the Plague Research Laboratory for 1896-1902.
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  • Summarised report on the Plague Research Laboratory for 1902-04.
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  • A Plea for Orthodoxy. Menorah Journal, 1916, 2 (2): 67-77. Biographical etc.
    Biographical etc.
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    Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, December 1982, 37 (4): 399-422.
    Referring to the Spanish bacteriologist and sanitarian Jaume Ferran i Clua (1852-1919 or 1929). Ferran developed the first cholera vaccine in 1885 and in 1893 his work on this subject was translated into French with the title L'Inoculation préventive contre le Cholera.
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