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Jean Louis Baudelocque - bibliography

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French obstetrician, born November 30, 1745, Heilly in Picardie; died May 2, 1810, Paris.


  • An in partu propter augustiam pelvis impossibilis, symphysis ossium secanda. Thesis for the Collège de chirurgie. 1776.
  • L'art des accouchemens. 2 volumes; Paris: Méquignon, 1781.
    2nd edition:
  • L'art des accouchemens. Nouvelle edition, revue, corrigée et augmentée.
    2 volumes. LVIII, 581 and VIII, 698 pages. Paris, Méquignon l'aîné, 1789.
    4th edition:
  • Principes sur l'art des accouchemens, par demandes et réponses, en faveur des éleves sages-femmes.
    Quatrième édition ... précédée de l'éloge de l'auteur, par M. Leroux, ... et d'une notice sur sa vie et ses ouvrages, par M. Chaussier.
    Paris, Méquignon, 1812. 532 pages.
    Referring to Laurent Charles Pierre Leoux (1730-1792) and François Chaussier (1746-1828).
    English edition:
  • A system of midwifery. Translated from French by John Heath. London, 1790.
    German edition:
  • Anleitung zur Entbindungskunst. Zwote Ausgabe, nach der sehr vermehrten französischen zwoten Ausgabe des Verfassers übersetzt, mit Anmerkungen versehen, und durch einen neu ausgearbeiteten Anhang, auch mit mehreren neuen Kupfern vermehrt von Philipp Friedrich Meckel.
    2 volumes, 756 + 556 pages. Leipzig, Weygand, 1791-1794.
    Translated from the second edition.
    Philipp Friedrich Theodor Meckel ( 1756-1803) was the son of Johann Friedrich Meckel, the Elder (1724-1774).
  • Anfangsgründe der Geburtshülfe, in Fragen und Antworten; zum Unterrichte der Hebammen. Aus dem Französ. von L. G. Morel.
    Colmar, Decker und Sohn, 1807. XVIII + 460 pages.

  • John Hull, publisher:
    A translation from the French of two memoirs on the caesarean operation by J.L. Baudelocque. London, 1801.
    In this text, Baudelocque had reported 31 successful cases of section collected from many sources since 1750. He described the technique in detail that he used in his own cases, emphasising the importance of emptying the bladder with a catheter first and of persuading the woman to suckle her child afterwards in order to "more speedily dry up the discharges which are made through the wound ..."
  • An abridgement of Mr. Heath's translation of Baudelocque's Midwifery.
    With notes by William P. Dewees. Philadelphia: Printed by Bartram and Reynolds, for William Dobson, 1807. XIV + 658 pages.
  • P. M. Dunn:
    Jean-Louis Baudelocque (1746–1810) of Paris and L’art des accouchemens.
    Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal and Neonatal Edition, July 2004, 89 (4): F370-372.
  • H. L. Houtzaeger:
    Jean Louis Baudelocque. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, August 1982, 13 (5): 323-324.

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