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Austrian (Slovenian) physician, born October 24, 1658, St. Vid, near Stiena; died March 9, 1718, Laibach in the Austrian Duchy of Krain.


  • Pulsus mira inconstantia.
    Miscellanea curiosa, sive Ephemeridum medico-physicarum Germanicum Academiae Caesareo-Leopoldinae Naturae,1691, Norimbergae, 1692, 10: 115-118. The journal title is uncertain.
    First reported case of temporary cardiac arrest with syncopal attacks - the condition known as Adams- Stokes syndrome.

  • Chronologia medico-practica exactam temporum, aurae tempestatum etc. descriptionem continens. Frankfurt, 1713.
    In this work, Gerbec discusses the importance of meterological influences on the course of diseases.
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    Dr. Marko Gerbec.
    Razprave. Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti, classis IV, pars medica, 3 (1963), 1 - 40 -- contains a review of biographical literature.
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    Der slowenische Arzt Dr. Marko Gerbec als Vorgänger der Fermentationslehre.
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