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American physiologist and pharmacologist, born March 30, 1875, Rochester, New York; died 1948.


  • John Auer:
    Local autoinoculation of the sensitized organism with foreign protein as a cause of abnormal reaction.
    Journal of Experimental Medicine, New York, 1920, 32: 427-444.
    Some hitherto undescribed structures found in the large lymphocytes of a case of acute leukaemia. American Journal of the Medical Sciences (Thorofare, N.J.), 1906, 131: 1001-1015.
  • Samuel James Meltzer (1851-1920), John Auer:
    Physiological and pharmacological studies of magnesium salts.
    American Journal of Physiology, Bethesda, Maryland, 1905, 14: 366-388.
    American Journal of Physiology, Bethesda, Maryland, 1906, 15: 387-405.
    American Journal of Physiology, Bethesda, Maryland, 1906, 16: 233-251.
    A study on the anaesthetic and other effects of magnesium salts.
  • Samuel James Meltzer (1851-1920), John Auer:
    Continuous respiration without respiratory movements.
    Journal of Experimental Medicine, New York, 1909, 11: 622-625. Meltzer and Auer experimented further with the intratracheal insufflation method introduced by Franz Kuhn (1866-1929).
  • Charles Albert Elsberg (1871-1948):
    Zur Narkose beim Menschen mittelst der kontinuierlichen intratrachealen Insufflation von Meltzer.
    Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, 1910, 47: 957-958.
    The clinical introduction of Meltzer and Auer's method of intratracheal insufflation marks the beginning of modern endotracheal anaesthesia. Also reported in Annals of Surgery, Philadelphia, 1910, 52: 23-29.
  • J. Auer, Paul Adin Lewis (1879-1929):
    The physiology of the immediate reaction of anaphylaxis in the guinea-pig.
    Journal of Experimental Medicine, New York, 1910, 12: 151-175.
    First adequate account of the physiological reactions leading to fatal anaphylactic shock.
  • R. Kinsella:
    John Auer. A collection of reprints on experimental work in physiology by John Auer and others.
    Transactions of the Association of American Physicians, Philadelphia, 1948, 61: 5.

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