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American physician and haematologist, born December 2, 1885, Boston, Massachusetts; died February 25, 1950, Brookline, Massachusetts.


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  • D. N. Medearis, G. R. Minot:
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  • G. R. Minot:
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  • F. H. Taylor, C. S. Davidson, H. J. Tagnon, M. A. Adams, A. H. Macdonald, G. R. Minot:
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  • G. R. Minot, C. S. Davidson, J. H. Lewis, H. J. Tagnon, F. H. Taylor:
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  • J. H. Lewis, C. S. Davidson, G. R. Minot GR, J. P. Soulier, H. J. Tagnon, F. H. Taylor:
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    The Journal of Clinical Investigation, November 1946, 25 (6): 870-875. Biographical etc:
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