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Scottish surgeon, born 1795, Rylawhouse, Fifeshire, Scotland; died March 25, 1860, Manchester.


  • Satanic agency and mesmerism reviewed.
    Manchester, Simms & Dinham, 1842.
  • Neurypnology, or, the rationale of nervous sleep, considered in relation with animal magnetism.
    London, Churchill, 1843.
    This extensive book was published little more than two years after he first watched the demonstration. In it he gave the world the word ”hypnotism.” Noen skriver Neurypnology or the rationale
  • The power of the mind over the body.
    Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, 1846, 66: 36.
  • Magic, witchcraft, animal magnetism, hypnotism and electro-biology.
    London. 3rd edition 1852.
  • Observations on trance: or human hybernation.
    London, 1850.
  • Electro-biological phenomena physiologically and psychologically considered.
    Monthly Journal of Medicine, London, 1850.
  • Hypnotic therapeutics, illustrated by cases.
    Monthly Journal of Medicine, London, 1853.
  • The physiology of fascination and the critics critisised. 1855.
  • Observations on the nature and treatment of certain forms of paralysis.
    Association Medical Journal, London, 1855.

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