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Giovanni Battista Morgagni - bibliography

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Italian anatomist and pathologist, born February 25, 1682, Forlì; died December 5, 1771, Padua.


  • Adversaria anatomica prima. Bologna 1706.
  • Nova institutionum medicarum idea.
    Padua, 1712; Leiden, 1740.
  • Adversaria anatomica altera et tertia. Padua, 1717.
  • Adversaria anatomica quarta, quinta, et sexta.
    Padua, 1719; 1743; Venice, 1762; Leiden, 1723, 1740; 1741-1750.
  • Adversaria anatomica omnia.
    Volumes IV through VI of above. Padua, 1719. Leiden, 1723; Venice, 1762.
    Disse to er samme. Men hva er riktig tittel?
  • In Aur. Cornelium Celsum et Quintum Serenum Samonicum epistolae.
    Padua, 1722; den Haag, 1724; Leiden, 1735; Padua, 1750; Venice, 1763; Leiden 1785.
    This short work, dedicated to Lorenz Heister (1683-1758), contains four letters that Morgagni wrote to his friend and colleague, Giovanni Battista Volpi, during 1720 and 1721. Published for the first time in 1724, three of the letters are commentaries on the works of Aurelius Cornelius Celsus (ca 25 B.C. to ca 37 A.D.) and one on the works of Quintus Serenus Samonicus (died 211 or 212).
  • Epistolae anatomicae duae.
    Leiden, 1728; Padua, 1740; Venice, 1762.
  • Epistolae anatomicae duodeviginti ad scripta pertinentes celeberrimi viri A. M. Valsalvae. Venice, 1740.
    Eller: Epistolarum anatomicarum duodeviginti ad scripta pertinentium A. M. Valsalvae. Venice, 1780.
  • De sedibus et causis morborum per anatomen indagatis libri quinque. 2 volumes.
    (On the Seats and causes of Diseases Investigated by Anatomy)
    Venetiis, typog. Remondiniana 1761; Naples, 1762; Padua, 1765; Leiden, 1767, 1778; Yverdon, 3 volumes, 1779; Leipzig, 1821-1829 (6 volumes, ed. Radius); Paris, 1820-1822.
    Italian translation in 3 volumes, Florence, 1838.
    German, Altenburg 1771-1776, Leipzig 1827-1829);
    French, Paris, 1765; 1820-1823).
    English translation in 3 volumes by B. Alexander, London, 1769).
    Selections reproduced in Medical Classics, 1940, 4: 640-838.
    Classic descriptions of mitral stenosis (Letter III) and heart block, Adams-Stokes syndrome (volume 1, p. 70) are reprinted in English translation in Willius & Keys, Cardiac Classics, 1941, pp. 177-182.
    Facsimile reprint, New York, Hafner, 1960; Mount Kisco, N.Y., Futura, 1980.
    An authentic case of angina pectoris is recorded by Morgagni. He observed it in 1707. Volume 1, page 282.
  • Opuscula miscellanea . . . tres in partes divisa.
    3 parts in 1 volume. Venice 1763; Naples, 1763.
    This collection of some of his lesser writings includes tracts on gallstones, certain medico-legal matters, letters to Giovanni Maria Lancisi (1654-1720) on the manner of Cleopatra's death, and Morgagni's biography of his teacher, Valsalva.
  • Opera Omnia.
    Venice, 1764; Padua, 1764; Bassani, 1765.
  • Carteggio inedito di G. B. M. con Giovanni Bianchi.
    Ed. G. Bilancioni. Bari, 1914.
  • Opera postuma. Rome, 1964-1969.

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